About The Dad Network Foundation

At the heart of The Dad Network is a community of parents. This community is the focal point of everything we do because we know that being a parent is the hardest job on earth and having a network of support is essential for all.

Being a community means looking out for one another, which is why giving to charity has been a prominent aspect of what we do since we began as a company at the beginning of 2016.

Our Story

The Dad Network Foundation aims to offer financial support to those in need; dads supporting dads. With a dedicated team of trustees, the Foundation strives to be a beacon of light in many dark situations. There are so many dads & families in need, so this is our way of giving back.

Funding for the Foundation is raised over various local and national events throughout the year, generous donations via the public as well as our strong membership of dads. We host fund raising activities and our own shop donates a portion of each sale straight to the Foundation.

The Dad Network Foundation is the thriving charity of The Dad Network, a large international network of fathers who give support, advice and friendship to one another via the various channels we offer.

Started in 2013, The Dad Network was formed by Al Ferguson with the vision to create a unique place to celebrate the role of fathers in society. Since the start The Dad Network has grown to be a haven of support and community to dads across the world.

Currently we have a vast network of local and international support, health and social groups. We host content such as articles, videos and an online shop that are all created and maintained by the dads within The Dad Network. All of The Dad Network channels are available to every dad from any country for free, either online, through our own mobile apps or via social media.

As the Dad Network has grown globally, so has our ability to make a real difference to real people's lives. We are continuing this focus on having dads supporting dads with the Foundation. Our focus over the past year has been to help dads suffering from loss, addiction, parental alienation, financial issues, depression and suicidal thoughts. The Foundation will continue the good work of The Dad Network, and will be able to reach out to help more families in crisis.

If you would like to find out more or have any specific questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Applying for a gift

As we're a new start-up charity, we need to spend some time fundraising before we can offer financial grants & gifts. Once we have some funds in the bank, we'll open this section up for people to nominate or apply to The Dad Network Foundation for support.